Friday, 30 June 2017

Revelation 20 & Church Potluck

The twentieth chapter of Revelation is filled with contrasts. There is the amazing hope of the millennial reign of Christ; when all on earth will be in peace and harmony with God visibly in charge, reigning with the saints. And there is the detainment of the forces of evil, only to be released at the end, when more destruction and death result. There is the judgment of humanity, some to life and some to damnation. Depending on which side of Christ a person decides to be, the events in this chapter will either comfort or grate. 

Even as we celebrate the 150th year of Canada this weekend, may we look forward with expectant joy at the coming 1,000 years of Christ's dominion!

We will be sharing a potluck meal following the service, and everyone is encouraged to bring a food or dish from their country of origin or heritage. The creativity of God is expressed in all nations, and we have quite a sampling of world cultures in our fellowship, so come prepared to experience something new!

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