Saturday, 8 September 2018

Journey through the Bible: 1 John

Although this letter is near the "back" of the Bible, and not great in length or size compared to a couple of its closer neighbours (Hebrews or Revelation), the book of first John is a gem for the Christian. It has such words of comfort and exhortation, masterfully blended together. We find it both challenging and reassuring at once, in reading it through.

The apostle John wrote his gospel to give the readers a knowledge of the God-nature of the man Jesus Christ, that they would believe and be saved. In his first letter, he writes to the follower of Christ to give them knowledge or reassurance that they are, in fact, in the faith and walking with God. It is a sort of self-examination for the professing Christian. You will no doubt be blessed by our journey through this book!

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