Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Ladies' Fellowship 2016-2017

The Ladies' Fellowship is wrapping up our time in the study of Gideon next month, so it is time to prepare for what is coming up in September!

We will be going through the books of Ruth and Esther with a workbook study guide called Pathway to God's Plan. 

Pathway to God's Plan is a spiritual journey through the lives of Ruth and Esther. The crimson thread of redemption is woven throughout the tapestry of Ruth's story, revealing the heart of God. Through Esther's example, women will find encouragement to be bold in our faith and to take advantage of the divine opportunities that God places in our paths. 

In our study of the lives of these women, we will follow a pathway that leads us to a deeper understanding of God's Word. This study will encompass 12 months, finishing in August of 2017. The first four "weeks" (September-December), we will be studying Ruth. The remainder will be in Esther.

Sisters, please sign up if you are planning to participate in this study, as we have workbooks available and want to be sure we have enough for everyone! You can sign up in the back of the chapel.

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