Sunday, 9 November 2014

Two Years in Edmonton

The Bible is full of examples of remembering and reflecting on events of the beginnings of things. From Creation to Passover, the entry to the Promised Land and even harvest, God's people are directed and encouraged to recall their origins. We must never forget that God is the source of all blessing.

This Sunday we are marking the close of our second year of ministering in Edmonton. It's our anniversary, you could say. Our first "service" was November 11, 2012, a little over one week after our arrival in Alberta. We began in chapter 1 of the Gospel of John in a living room in a Sherwood Park home with one family, and we've been meeting every week since, moving through the New Testament chapter by chapter, and by God's grace, our fellowship has grown.

We are blessed to have a church family and a church "home away from home" here in Edmonton with all of you who join us for worship, fellowship and learning the Word. We are also thankful to the congregation at St. Timothy's for allowing us to share their building and for the privilege of simply ministering God's Word here in Edmonton. He has truly shown us His good hand of grace!

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